Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Happy Mail & Secret Sewing

There has been a bit of secret sewing going on around here, hence the lack of much else to blog about.

Pirate Pouch Received
Though I did receive my pouch in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap from Jo, Quilty Doings .... I didn't even know I was being stalked so well as she managed to find out about the love of Pirates in our house.....the prairie points are so tiny they are amazing and there is a little zip pocket inside. The map was done by her daughter, Emily, on the computer and then printed off onto fabric, very clever. Lots of work went into this pouch and I feel that this one is especially for me, rather than something a little generic. The little pirate wallet now houses a few crafty business cards, hopefully collect a few more at the FQ retreat! Did I also get cup cakes through the post....nope, but the lovely cases and toppers to match.

Last month I won a giveaway on Annabelle Serendipity's blog for a knitting book....I was going to post a picture of something I had made with my mum this weekend, but the sock knitting took priority! Annabelle also sent a needle case, some lovely soaps and some seeds, which, fingers crossed might grow in our garden. Thank you Annabelle.

.....and then just today was another yummy parcel from Amy's Crafty Shenanigans....these fabrics coordinate so well together that I have kept them together to make a bag from. The bells are to attach to a purse, so I can hear if it is ever stolen....though the postman wondered what was in the envelope and the little pins attached to the moo card are teeny, tiny charms, thank you Amy, I'm a lucky girl.

Now a question for you all...some of the photos above were put into Flickr first, some into an online Picasa album and they are both much clearer than the others...How do you all put photos on your Blog? Sorry to ask, but I'm sure I'm going the long way around!


  1. You have had a very lucky few weeks. I mostly upload mine directly, as when I use the Flickr html it doesn't show up in the "use ohots from blog" pictures, and if i want to re-use a photo it annoys me!

  2. i use picasa ad upload that way - seems to work ok

  3. That secret sewing looks very interesting !

  4. dont you just LOVE the postman xx OHH! it looks interesting in the secret corner x

  5. Lovely mail! Spill the secret sewing!