Monday, 24 September 2012

Fresh Squeezed Fabric Win It

PLEASE help me win this by  RE_PINNING on Pinterest   

WOW 26 pins overnight....thank you... now fingers crossed that it will turn up.....though Pinterest has been ging mad with Fresh Squeezed Bundles - So I hope it was an effective advertisement for them.

 .....................and you can win too if you get enough pins by Thursday.  If you pin me and want pinning back then leave me a comment.

This is from the Fresh Squeezed fabrics website.

Let's try something new and fun!


How to play?
Well, head on over to my Etsy shop and check out the fat quarter bundles. Now pick your favorite. And then pin tha bundle to one of your Pinterest boards (please let me know if you need an invite forPinterest).
Simple, eh?
Now, in order to win that bundle, you need to have your pin repinned the same amount of times as the dollar amount of the bundle. For example, if the bundle costs $15.75, get it repinned 15 times and it's yours. Free!

SO IF YOU CAN GO ON PINTEREST AND RE_PIN my Oh Deer BUNDLE - I might get enough pinns to get it....I need 21 - as I mixed up the$ and the £.

To Squeeze or not to Squeeze?

4kg of Blackberries turned into all this Bramble Jelly.
Last week we picked 2Kg of blackberries, which made 2pints of strained juice...just over 4 jars of Bramble Jelly.
Then today I had another 2 Kg of blackberries but I made 2.5 pints of juice as I squeezed the jelly bag out.  According to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in this article squeezing will not change the flavour, just the clarity.  It's not going in any show - just on a scone with loads of clotted cream, and as far as I can see it still looks quite clear any way.  So from now on I will squeeze!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Arghhhhhh Work Still In Progress

Kindle Zip Pouch
I made this zip pouch for my friend's birthday to keep the sand and dust out of her Kindle. The little bear embroidery was in the Books Issue of &stitches. Here is a Blog Post from Wild Olive that shows some of the cute projects in Issue #2.
Work STILL in progress is the Pirate Quilt, Cowboy Baby from the Material Obsession book.....I have now pieced the back, but only just had enough fabric and so it is only fractionally bigger than the front.  Hope this wont cause me too many problems when I come to quilt it.  How to quilt it? Nobody knows...UntitledUntitled
The front, which was finished ages ago. I sneaked some Heather Ross dots in there too, though they are now known as canon balls.
pirate quilt

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

Why the ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG in the title?  Well today is International Talk Like a Pirate we are taking part...ooohhh arrrgghhh.Captain Billy Bones waiting for International Talk Like A Pirate Day. 19th September.
And just to finish off - a nice picture of the Cornish Coastline from yesterday!Sun.....but no surf!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I'm back.......did you miss me?

Perle Cotton bought on a brocante market in France
I'm back from my 3 month France Adventure - if you followed my LibertyBlueVan blog, then I hope you enjoyed the trip!
I was lucky enough to find the above thread and fabric on a Brocante market in Sisteron.  I think the yellow fabric is similar to some of the newer ones available today.
I have been busy since my return and have already joined 2 swaps. Firstly there is the Japenese Charm swap....I have bought my fabric...and a few others that were in the sale.  Now I have to pluck up courage to cut it into charm squares!
......... and a little bit scary is an embroidery swap as part of the Phat Quarter Flickr Group. Hope I'm not too much out of my depth with the embroidery. If you have not looked at the contents of this group it is worth a browse as there are some fantastic talented modern embroideries.  This one by Mabith could be a good layout plan for a quilt.
DMC color project finished!
And I love the fabric detail in this one by Xperimentl
Come Sail Away with Me
Today I completed this block for part of a charity quilt at my quilt club.  Handbags and roses are not realy my thing, but it will go well with the rest of the quilt.
Charity quilt basket block.
My mum also made me this little Union Jack needle case for the Jubilee.Union Jack needle caseUnion Jack Needle Casse

I've also joined in a blog hop with my Kitchen Aid Mixer I made earlier this year.
 Practically Paper Piecing
It's good to be back for a while and I am slowly getting around the blogs that I have been missing and seeing what the new trends are....Liberty Love and Low Volume........