Saturday, 11 February 2012

FUGLY Fabric Party

I've been meaning to do this all week - but I'm a drifter - anyway better late than never!
I think that this was a brilliant idea that Lucy had to spread the fuglieness around a bit.  I will never use these and I'm not even sure where they came from, so one of you reading this might as well have it hanging around in your house.

I was going to list what they are - but can't be bothered - as I presume nobody is going to rush out and buy them if they do not win. The one on the right is just under 1/2 yard, the top left is a fat 1/4 and the bottom one is browner than in the picture and is just over 5" by WOF. I don't think Holly Hobbie is FUGLY but I thought I'd throw in one of the fussy cuts. Some of her friends have just emigrated back to America - but that is part of a Mouthy Secret - for now!

To win (or lose depending how you look at it!) just leave a comment by the 19th Feb and I'll be pleased to post this lot off to any where in the world.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Blogger Friends

Susan over at Canadian Abroad is having a giveaway to celebrate her Blogiversary - 351 posts in 365 days - she's certainly a Mouthy Stitcher!

Mouthy Stitches

One of the newest blogs I have enjoyed reading is by Nat who blogs at Noas' Libellule.  I first started reading this blog because Nat sometimes writes in French - and as I am still trying to learn French then I thought it would be more interesting than my boring Hugo French book!  Nat is very talented with yarn of all sorts.  She currently has some guest bloggers talking about what blogging means to them and her very thoughtfull giveaway is linked to this theme - so pop over and say hi or bonjour from me......and you can find out what this is!

I also did a mini fabric swap with Nat - we were going to swap scraps....but neither of us had any! Here is the lovely fabric she sent me - don't you just love the monkey?