Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Look what I MADE......

I left the hardest letter until last and then I made........a mistake, but I didn't realise until I'd stitched all 5 letters together. I missed a bit off the R....

But a bit of ripping and it was fixed like a DREAM!

These letters were all made from Kristy of Quiet Play new Type pattern, upper and lower cases will soon be available in her shop. These letters are flying off to Australia to be added to the "Fontastic" charity quilt which Kristy is making for some of the families who have suffered during the recent extreme weather.

If you are looking for the LIBERTY GIVEAWAY it is here....some of you may have missed it as Blogger didn't show the entire post when I published it, not sure if the RSS footer thingy is messing it up.

Friday, 25 January 2013


I was determined to finish this needle case as an extra for my FLiPS partner today....

But the thread I want to use will not go through the I guess I need one with a bigger eye. So it's still like this...though there is a secret under there. Love the glittery felt from PaperFishon Etsy...who has a closing down sale at the moment.

I can't finish the pouch for my Fab Little Pouch Swap partner as I need a zip....

But I did finish this EPP for a cushion, I love how well it has come together.

I sewed most of it on our ski trip and in the airport. Many people say you cant take scissors on the plane but one little gadget that I can take on the plane instead of scissors is this "Clover Cutter", very useful.

I'm hoping that I qualify for my first link up to TGIFF and that Nat will not be too disappointed with my non-finishes!
...and now I can't link one of those little blog buttons...might be 'cos I'm using Blogpress???  ok...back to the old way on the lap top! is the button...

Vintage sheets and Liberty Love

This lovely stack of vintage sheet FQ's arrived this morning. They are from a swap that Mary organised on Flickr and there are some really beautiful, colourful ones. I have plans for a picnic quilt that can be thrown around on the beach without too much worry. Mary sells lots of similar recycled vintage material through her Etsy Shop.

Paper Pieced Japanese Tea Set
I made this Liberty tea set with a test pattern now available in Kristy's Etsy shop. The Liberty tana lawn fabric is particularly good for paper piecing as it is so fine......though I did have a little bit of un-picking to do when I didn't concentrate and follow the pattern correctly.

Paper Pieced Japanese Tea Set
If you fancy some Paper Piecing Kristy is hosting a free block of the month, with sewing related patterns.
When I set up the RSS feed footer (previous post) I noticed that at last I have reached over 50 followers...I was on 50 for a while but my best friend from school was following twice! I can only see about half of you as the rest are following anonymously. So if you are a follower, new or old you can enter my Liberty Giveaway to win these 10" Liberty Squares, which you could cut up into 40 charm squares.
Just leave me ONE comment with a link to what quilt you would make with these fabrics. I have quite a few of them now, as my mum got them as slight seconds....thanks mum....though she doesn't read this! I will pick a winner on 9th February. I will post internationally, but make sure you can be contacted please.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Check out my new footer

I'm just testing this tutorial "How To Add A RSS Feed Footer" from Blossom Heart Quilts...... You can see my new footer...only if you use Google Reader....If you don't use should as it makes life easier!

....and just because I can't have a blog post with out any is my progress so far on my Pretty Little Pouch Swap.
Working on my Flickr swap pouch. Think my partner likes rainbows. Side 2 of #prettylittlepouchswap

Friday, 11 January 2013

Knitting and a giveaway

I am still making the socks on the right. After spending so much on the wool I am determined to finish them...... One day.
The socks on the left were bought at a local Embroiderers Guild show. The lady selling them was raising money for Shelter Box - they are very lovely and soft to wear and apparently the colour from Monet's Garden!
Annabelle Serendipity is having a giveaway for a lovely knitting and crochet book. If you don't knit or crochet yourself, you could try and learn or the book would make a lovely Mother's Day present for a knitting mum :o)
Pop over and have a look at the interesting stuff and places Annabelle has been to.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Swapitis and some FLiRTing

I have just joined two swaps on the same will give me something to think about and also make me do something...instead of drifting around the internet, lost in Blogland.

Mosaic for the Moderate level Fab Little Random Treasure Swap . . . FLiRTSFab Little Random Treasure Swap FLiRTS #1

Mosaic for the Pretty Little Pouch Swap #6 Intermediate LevelPretty Little Pouch Swap 6 Mosaic

The swap sign ups are still open for both.....any one else want to join the fun? There are 3 levels for each swap and so it dosen't have to be too time consuming :o)

Home again

After a fantastic time in France we are now back home. France has loads of sunshine and also heaps of snow. No, that's not us in the's the view from the chalet balcony.....better than the small cave that the company call a bedroom!
Not much sewing was done while away....but there was a small fabric purchase from a shop in Barrowford, Lancashire called Patchwork Chicks. My friend Kath takes me there every year as they have a fantastic sale, with 50% off lots of their that's what I call a sale! If you live anywhere near there it is worth a trip.

I have been cutting up fat quarters of charity shop sheets for Mary's Vintage Sheet Swap there is still time to join in.....all you need it 5 fat quarters to exchange. Unfortunately we do not seem to have the variety over here that they have in the States, but cut up small I'm sure they will be useful.
The daffodils are here.....but still no sign of the sun. We are off down to the beach to try out Tim's Christmas pressie.....a Kelly is much easier to take a flask, but this gives him an excuse to play with fire! The fire comes up through the middle of the kettle.....singed eyebrows later maybe.