Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Home again

After a fantastic time in France we are now back home. France has loads of sunshine and also heaps of snow. No, that's not us in the's the view from the chalet balcony.....better than the small cave that the company call a bedroom!
Not much sewing was done while away....but there was a small fabric purchase from a shop in Barrowford, Lancashire called Patchwork Chicks. My friend Kath takes me there every year as they have a fantastic sale, with 50% off lots of their that's what I call a sale! If you live anywhere near there it is worth a trip.

I have been cutting up fat quarters of charity shop sheets for Mary's Vintage Sheet Swap there is still time to join in.....all you need it 5 fat quarters to exchange. Unfortunately we do not seem to have the variety over here that they have in the States, but cut up small I'm sure they will be useful.
The daffodils are here.....but still no sign of the sun. We are off down to the beach to try out Tim's Christmas pressie.....a Kelly is much easier to take a flask, but this gives him an excuse to play with fire! The fire comes up through the middle of the kettle.....singed eyebrows later maybe.

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  1. I gave John a Kelly Kettle about three Christmases ago. He loves it and so do the girls. Winter walks and cup a soup go down a treat. Me? Well, I am not completely sold on sitting on a damp log while drinking the soup. But I am a total wuss!