Saturday, 11 May 2013

Tail Feathers and Wings

Le Challenge - Wings

Sharon from Lilabelle Lane blog was kind enough to make the button in my side bar, but I should change it to "I'm STILL stitching Tail Feathers".
I started gathering the fabrics in February 2011, I needed two Honey Buns which in the end I had to buy from two different shops as they weren't easy to find, started stitching in May last year and although I finished lots of the smaller panels I was put off doing the trees as satin stitch is not one of my favourites.
I found a handy tip that said to start in the middle of the area to be covered in satin stitch. This worked really well for the green, but for the variegated tails it takes a bit of working out.
The yellow smudges on the background fabric isn't suntan cream from stitching on the Algarve, but a lovely colour fabric called Popcorn, I think it is a Moda one!

This 6" clip frame has been fantastic. It's made by R & R Craft Frames and doesn't leave as many marks as a traditional hoop. It is easy to reposition and light to hold. To save on postage I also bought the larger version, with interchangeable sides, but I have never used it as this little one is just nice to hold. So no saving in buying the big one too....though I'm sure I will find a use for it one day.

So back to Le Challenge.....even though there are loads of wings in the above and the tree panel is now is far from being a finished item! So out with the sketch book. I'm by no way an artist, but I do enjoy copying other people's pictures. Alwyn Crawshaw has some great How to paint books and this one is from Watercolour Holiday Painting.

.....and as its from a book I can also link up with Ange, Heart of Charnwood monthly book challenge too. Remember if you have made anything from a book or a magazine you can link it up over on Ange's blog. I'm sure with the zakka two stitch along about to start and also all the medallion quilts that I've been drooling over that there should be some creative things linked this month.