Friday, 17 January 2014

Finish-Along Q1

Oh no, I've finally got to admit that I'm a serial starter...but never finish anything. Though I do finish things when I'm in a swap or for a deadline like Le Challenge, so with this in mind I've decided to list all my WiPs.....well all the ones I could find as some are still lost in carrier bags in the depths of "the spare room" .... Which if I sorted it out could be a great space...maybe that should go on the list too!

1. Martinique Heart jelly roll quilt
July 2000 not touched since then as I've not a clue how to quilt it!

2. Bang on the door hippo...I designed this from a card
2005 ish ... Might make it into a pin cushion!

3. tail feathers quilt...
Started January 2011 ... All embroideries finished and frames done. Need to make squares and log cabin border.

4. Warn and Washed Winter Fox Quilt...
September 2012 made the background on a Warn and Washed workshop but I'm not happy with the trees.

5. EPP ...
December 2012 ... All finished but needs making into a cushion.

6. Paper Pieced puffin and Penguin made from TartanKiwi patterns.
Autumn 2013 ... These are so cute that I really should use them somewhere!

7. EPP from Fat Quarterly Retreat ... I think this needs adding to and making into a cushion as I love the design.

8. Cathedral windows cushion.... This one is my friend Kath's ... As I swapped classes at the FQR mine is still just a pile of white squares that I prepared and took with me!

9. This is my Noodlehead super tote which I was making to take to FQR!

10. Quilt I started using Verna and these Monaluna fabrics. Also the campervan fabric is with the strips of stacked coins I made from the Verna ... Just don't think the two go together...or need to find a fabric to tie them in ... Also need to find the bag from the depths!

11. Camelot Quilt .... Just started hand piecing this!
January 2014

12. Green Tea and Sweet Beans ...also just started
January 2014

13. Rainbow Sprouts Quilt ... Collecting scraps to go with the rainbow and LV charm squares ... Slow progress.
September 2013

14. Scrappy Stars.... Proposed HipBees quilt for July 2014

15. Secret EPP with these Liberty Fabric hexies.

16. Make another bag to donate for the Quilt Club Raffle. Green flower/spot fabric and this pattern.

17. Secret project with great fabric for a thread catcher, etc.

Then there are quilts I have the fabric for...but not even started ... I'm trying to list everything just so I can keep track in my own mind and stop drifting around on the Internet and actually finish something!

18. Liberty quilt.... Slowly collecting fabrics.

19. Heather Ross fussy cut quilt. These are just some of the HR fabrics.

20. Vintage Sheet Quilt.... Last year it was going to be a giant star, then a Cherry Star....then a scrappy trip pattern and by the time I get around to it it will be whatever!

21. Cath Kidston star quilt ... Still need a couple of fat quarters!

22. Cover for ....... ....... Using Unicorn embroidery, which I will find ... Just had a look and it's not around, but did find....

23. Mums teapot cosy for August 2013 birthday...was waiting for insulated fleece, now needs making.

23. Last of the stuff I can find ... There is more hidden away in the depths... Socks ...
Summer 2012 ish!

Phew....I know there's more....but I can't find them and also don't really want to think about it now!!! And now I've had to edit the post as I forgot to add Katy's cute little button.
Finish Along 2014