Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Bionic Gear Bag

Well now I'm back from my travels around Scandinavia I've had time to fix my Blogpress account which wasn't working and finally do a blog post .... Just in case you are not on Instagram.

I've made a Bionic Gear Bag which is like a "go large" version of the Sew Together bag.
The embroidered bee is from the "Little Quilts" book by Sarah Fielke and I managed to use up some of the beautiful vintage sheets from the swap organised by Mary Emmens. I added the Angelina fibre to the wings and it gives them a lovely shine.
I'm not one for mini quilts as at the moment I've no wall for them, I prefer thinks that are useful .... Though Tim does now ask as to how many zip pouches do I actually need. But need has nothing to do with it, I just like making them! So my next one won't have a zip ... As this has 4 internal zip pockets.
Next I plan to make a Japanese loop bag as I'm enjoying my Kantha stitching but that will be another post.
I spent ages trying to decide on a binding and this was the best but as it was a fat quarter I didn't have a piece for the binding that was 24" and the pattern said to trim to fit the 22" zip, so I bodged it and trimmed the zip a little. I should have then put longer zip tab ends on but I'll know for next time.
I also ripped the zip out as the way it was layered in the pattern meant that I'd be hand sewing the binding onto the top edge of the zip, so I reordered it. Outer - zip - binding and then stitched, much neater :o)
I also made tab ends for each of the zips, I will make them a bit longer next time too but they do reduce the bulk in the side seam and give the bag a lovely finish.

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