Saturday, 22 June 2013

Home to happy mail 2

Sorry I had to re-post this as BlogPress had a new update and couldn't post pictures....reverted to old version!

Home again and catching up on some old and some new swaps.

These printed fabrics were waiting for me from the Hand Printed fabric swap.

This fabulous book that I had pre-ordered from Amazon.....this is the second time I have pre ordered something and it has worked out quite good value both times. Looking forward to making some of the projects and catching up with the Zakka Along 2. The snips were with the fabric that I received from Workroomsocial with the fabric swap, and have proved useful already.

Then to my delight was this awesome pouch from a pay it forward from Chloeandme over on Flickr. It is very, very scrumptious and just right for my little camera.

......and then The Village Habberdashery had a this will become part of the Me Me Me Bee with Kettleboiler as I have plans for a Super Tote for ME of course as that is what the Me Bee is all about. I've even got a Bee in my side bar I'm not in any other bees....but I now feel part of the gang!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Maritime Randomness

In Libby that's a van 5x2x2 meters it is surprising how much maritime themed stuff I could find. Quilt cover and the pillowcases I made, of course the pirate quilt and pirate fuzzy felts stuck on the interior fabric.

I had this cross stitch from the Exeter show for a couple of years....and it hadn't progressed much. I think I was put off by all the 1/4 I attempted to finish it... is as far as I have got..... not good enough for the task set for homework....
I made Tim this poppy treffry inspired book cover a few years ago...

The inside pocked was a picture on a card by Alyce Palace...

But in the end this photo from a beach in wasn't staged ....I found the light bulb exactly like this.....though I think you had to see it to appreciate it fully.