Thursday, 28 February 2013

Book Challenge - Scandinavian Stitches & Doodle Stitching

I'm sneaking in before the deadline to link up with Ange's Monthly Book Challenge....and I have not one, but two books used in this quilt.  I started it back in October at the Worn and Washed Workshop and then did more on Halloween
Syko Frosty baby quilt
Today I completed the stitching on the deer...we also saw about 8 down on the coast path at Penlee Point.

Unpicking trees

.....but I also wasn't happy with the trees, so I ripped out one of the colours as it didn't look right with the rest of the I'm not sure if I'm now further behind than I was in October!
Heart of Charnwood

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Double Liebster Award

Ange and Pippa both nominated me for the Liebsters Award.

To qualify, you need to have under 200 hundred followers (me) or be under 6 months old in blogging terms, and then do the following:

1.List 11 random things about yourself
2. Answer 11 random questions
3. Choose 11 blogs to pass it on to
4. Create 11 questions for those 11 people

Well as I'm behind the curve on this as I was nominated by Ange before she knew that I was her secret partner in the Pouch I waited...then forgot! But most of you have now had the award, though if you read this and you would like me to officially pass it on to you then email me....infact Kath, who is going to the FQ retreat with me, I will pass it on to you, and you can choose any 11 of the following questions....easy!

Random Things

1. I was born in Lancashire and now live in Cornwall, but I have lived in Italy for 2 years.

2. I'm VERY untidy as I find it hard to throw stuff away and so I save it....anything from cardboard chocolate boxes to old other half could deal with this if I ever used them....but they are mounting up fast and he now refuses to go in one room....actually you can't get in the room anymore!

3. I've got double jointed elbows.

4. I'm allergic to cats, dogs and rabbits...achoooooo!

5. I love the outdoors and I can ski, canoe, climb, sail.....

6. I was a Brownie.....a long time ago

7. I tossed the coin to start an Aussie Rules Football match in Melbourne in front of thousands of people....hated of my most scary moments. Think it was Collingwood v Carlton.

8. I'm a maths geek...but can't spell too well

9. I love historical fiction books

10. We don't have a TV in our van, but play lots of games...currently looking for Mille Borne, card came...but Uno is an old favourite.

11. I know nothing about films, music or TV.

pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeee i'm exhasted already......

And Pippa's 11 probing questions

1) Name 4 things that are in reaching distance of you right now :)
Daffodils, DAB radio...which doesn't work very well here, sellotape and squirt the turtle that Kath made to follow...he's a bit camera shy :o)

2) What would your dream quilt shop be like?

3) Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Night person...I love to lay in bed in a morning and keep warm.

4) Sweet or Savory ?
Both, though I love crisps....and if I ever get to Australia again I will buy a box of Cherryripes!

5) Stripes or Spots ?
Spots...I still have teenage ones.
6) What 3 things would you take with you to space ?
Ipad, hot water bottle and crisps.

7) Who's your favourite fabric line/designer?
I love Heather Ross

8) If you could describe yourself in 4 words what would they be?
Tall, quiet, thoughtful geek...I'm sure other would say different.

9) Do you drink coffee or tea or something else ?
I don't like tea or coffee, so either alcohol or hot chocolate...I had to give up Cola because of the caffeine :o(

10) Why did you start/do you blog?
I was reading loads of blogs and I made a Tomte to enter in a book related blog hop.

11) Have you met any RL bloggers ?
I saw Carolyn Saxby on a beach in St Ives....but we didn't actually meet...yet!
I met up with Emily for a lovely day out and soon will meet Emily again and VerryKerryBerry and possibly Mary Emmens at the Sewing Directory Exeter meet up in March.
And Ange's questions:
1. What was the nicest dream you've ever had?
I think I'm living it, no work, time to travel, sew and read.

2. Where is your favourite place in the world?
Our secret beach on the SE Cornwall coast.

3 What is your favourite name?
Depends on what it's for...our van (Liberty) has an Ice Bat mascot called Numphra, but also Lerryn and Thomasina are great...good job I have no children!!

4. Red or white wine?
Both..and rose too!

5. Favourite gadget (not sewing related)
Tim bought me an Ipad mini for Christmas

6. Favourite quilter/blogger
Too many to mention.

7. Which fruit or vegetable best describes you?
String bean...leek? I think I should be able to write something funny here..but I'm not very funny!

8. Most exciting thing you've ever done?
Sailed half-way across the Atlantic and visited St Helena on the way.
Photo by Jackduvr from Flickr

9. Most hated word?


10. How did you choose your blog name?
Indianna has been my nickname for about 15 years and I'm a dreamer and a drifter rather than a do-er.

11. What is your worst habit?

Anyone still here????...If so....this is me!


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Happy Mail & Secret Sewing

There has been a bit of secret sewing going on around here, hence the lack of much else to blog about.

Pirate Pouch Received
Though I did receive my pouch in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap from Jo, Quilty Doings .... I didn't even know I was being stalked so well as she managed to find out about the love of Pirates in our house.....the prairie points are so tiny they are amazing and there is a little zip pocket inside. The map was done by her daughter, Emily, on the computer and then printed off onto fabric, very clever. Lots of work went into this pouch and I feel that this one is especially for me, rather than something a little generic. The little pirate wallet now houses a few crafty business cards, hopefully collect a few more at the FQ retreat! Did I also get cup cakes through the post....nope, but the lovely cases and toppers to match.

Last month I won a giveaway on Annabelle Serendipity's blog for a knitting book....I was going to post a picture of something I had made with my mum this weekend, but the sock knitting took priority! Annabelle also sent a needle case, some lovely soaps and some seeds, which, fingers crossed might grow in our garden. Thank you Annabelle.

.....and then just today was another yummy parcel from Amy's Crafty Shenanigans....these fabrics coordinate so well together that I have kept them together to make a bag from. The bells are to attach to a purse, so I can hear if it is ever stolen....though the postman wondered what was in the envelope and the little pins attached to the moo card are teeny, tiny charms, thank you Amy, I'm a lucky girl.

Now a question for you all...some of the photos above were put into Flickr first, some into an online Picasa album and they are both much clearer than the others...How do you all put photos on your Blog? Sorry to ask, but I'm sure I'm going the long way around!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Raffle Bag and a Winner

Last Saturday we had a bag making day at my Quilt Club. The bags are to raise money for a nominated charity at a fair in August. We are a little low on numbers now and so if you are in the Callington area, Cornwall, and want to join then just let me's not a fuddy, duddy quilt club. It is great to share ideas and ask for advice, including on how the hell do I finish the toe off on my sock that has been in progress since October!
The bag pattern was on the front cover of Popular Patchwork magazine, though I had to shorten the lining. Not sure if it was wrong instructions.....or just me!

And just so you get an idea of the size, here it is before I delivered it at this afternoons meeting........oh yeh....I cut my head off so you can see the bag better....not literally, just in the photo!

....and on another note CONGRATULATIONS to Di, Willobeck Designs who has won the Liberty Fabric Giveaway. Why don't you pop on over and see what she has been creating?

Friday, 8 February 2013

TGIFF Phone Wallet "Half a Tutorial"

FLiRTS Phone Wallet

This one is for my partner in the Fab Little Treasure Swap over on Flickr and a few have asked for some measurements.

I wanted to use this tutorial from Liz, Confessions of a Fabricoholic for an Organizer Wallet as it is a great pattern, very clearly written and ample photos. I needed mine to be a finished size of 6" by 8" when open flat with a zip on the outside and a padded pocket on the inside.
In general the wallet is made in 2 pieces, side A the outer and side B the inner. They are then stitched together right sides together, turned through and then top stitched. I always cut my interfacing .25" smaller all around so there is less bulk in the seam.

Here are a few measurements and hints on how to adapt the 2 tutorials I used.


SIDE A (Outer)

6.5" x 8.5" - black spot outer
6.5" x 8" - red spot pocket lining,
6" zip
Sew this side using the instructions given for inserting a zipper, with fabrics right sides together.
Fold the red spot pocket lining in half behind the zip to complete the pocket and baste in place.

SIDE B (Inner)

6.5" x 8.5" - wallet inner- green spot
6" x 8" - medium interfacing ironed onto wallet inner
6.5" x 7" - phone pocket - red spot
6"x 3.25" fleece ironed on to the phone pocket when folded in half. You can top stitch this or try one of those fancy stitches on your machine that you never use....hearts for me!

Then for the card pocket I switched to using this bi-fold wallet tutorial by Mel @All Wrapped Up because I liked the fact the card pockets were all one piece and none of the fabric back would be visible.

6.5"x 16" for pockets
6" x 3.25" interfacing, ironed between folded pocket back, iron on 0.25" from one end of 16" pocket piece.
- concertina fold and iron around an old credit card....guesstimate and then cut 2 pieces of interfacing to slot in between, roughly 6.5" x 2.25", iron in place, top stitch 3 edges.
Sew the line to divide the pocket 3.75" from the edge and then baste both pockets to Side B the pocket inner.

I made my tab to fasten the wallet a bit bigger too, 4"x3" then rounded the outer corners and interfaced, and added a magnetic fastener.

Follow Liz's finishing instructions from the Organizer Wallet tutorial.

Hey presto.....a lovely sized phone wallet, with places for notes, cards and coins!

Let me know if you follow these instructions and there are any mistakes, I wasn't planning on writing this up in so much detail when I made it!!
Phone Wallet Interior

Friday, 1 February 2013

TGIFF zip pouch

I just know my partner in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap #6 is going to love this, as we seem to have the same tastes and in making this, I just made something I would be very happy to receive. I used the Noodlehead Open Wide pouch in the medium a bit bigger. It is 12" finished at the top, gaping open wide!
The little rainbow needle case was used using the tutorial from Oh Fransson to stitch the little squares together. It's the first time I have tried this, but I will be making more. A certain friend had already put her order in for one!
Here are a few pictures I took along the way to give you an idea of how it all came together.

If you are looking for the LIBERTY GIVEAWAY it is here....some of you may have missed it as Blogger didn't show the entire post when I published it, not sure if the RSS footer thingy is messing it up.
I'm just over the 50, but over half are anonymous and never comment, so I hope Lynne doesn't mind me linking here for the first time.