Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Raffle Bag and a Winner

Last Saturday we had a bag making day at my Quilt Club. The bags are to raise money for a nominated charity at a fair in August. We are a little low on numbers now and so if you are in the Callington area, Cornwall, and want to join then just let me know.......it's not a fuddy, duddy quilt club. It is great to share ideas and ask for advice, including on how the hell do I finish the toe off on my sock that has been in progress since October!
The bag pattern was on the front cover of Popular Patchwork magazine, though I had to shorten the lining. Not sure if it was wrong instructions.....or just me!

And just so you get an idea of the size, here it is before I delivered it at this afternoons meeting........oh yeh....I cut my head off so you can see the bag better....not literally, just in the photo!

....and on another note CONGRATULATIONS to Di, Willobeck Designs who has won the Liberty Fabric Giveaway. Why don't you pop on over and see what she has been creating?


  1. Congrats to Di! And the bag is fab, I seem to remember having the same floral fabric a few years ago. If I was closer I'd love to pop along to your quilt meetings, I think the petrol costs would make it silly though! We never did make it to Cowslip on Sunday, ran out of time. Perhaps next time!

  2. Congrats to Di - so glad you didn't cut your head off. It's a great sized tote!

  3. I wish I could be teleported to Cornwell to join you at your meeting. So pleased that your head is still attached! Wow Hoo, I am really over the moon to be your winner. Thank you.
    Di x

  4. great looking bag x hope you gat some new members for your group xx

  5. lovely bag. Wish I lived a little nearer to Callington, I love the idea of making a quilt!
    Kate x

  6. It's a lovely bag. I'm sorry I don't live nearer or I'd love to join your quilt club :)