Saturday, 16 November 2013

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I'm a month late for the Thriller theme....I so wanted to make Bubbles, but suitable socks were not to be found in Biarritz! Then when the next theme was stripes....I thought I'd make Bubbles come to life.

There are lots of tutorial on line for making sock monkeys but the two I found most useful were these ones, the first for the clear pictures and the second for the excellent way that was suggested to stuff the tail with a piece of wadding to make it smoother.
Tutorial one
Tutorial two

Carefully select your socks, as the heel and toe colour will make a big difference. Some tutorials used the heel for the nose and others used the toe section. I tried both ways and I thought the heel section worked better.
There isn't that much sewing and could easily be made by hand. The hardest part was attaching the nose section.

I pinned all the bits in place first to get the right look.

I used Google images to see lots of different monkey expressions and I think he looks quite cheeky.

He was definitely grumpy when I asked him to wear his hat though!

Location:Bubbles the sock monkey