Friday, 30 March 2012

Miss Beau Jangles Giveaway

Why not go and say hello to Miss Beau Jangles....Libby has a lovely giveaway for a book and only 4 people have entered...go and take a look...I know it's hot outside but she will be pleased to see you!

Click here for the giveaway....mmm I love her blog button too....perhaps I should make one!

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wip Wednesday and other good stuff!

Here's a pleated pillow I finished just in time for the Craft Buds Sew Along.  It was easy to make, but I would sew together a 2" strip and a 1.5" strip to make the 3" squares....instead of their method. The white screen printed linen is from Karen of Blueberry-Park...and the mustard from a Bloggy Friend Swap. The linen and framed daisies are teal - they look a bit dark in the photo.Craft Buds Pleated Pillow.
Today I've been working on this kitchen aid isn't as difficult as it looks.  The dotty fabric was our Quilt Club challenge fabric and we had to use any other black,white and one solid colour!  I chose Bluebell Blue, I might add some stamped words to the white bowl before I applique it on eg cocoa, flour, sugar, eggs....What do you think? Thanks to Erin at WhyNotSew for the free pattern.
Paper Pieced Kitchen Mixer
My Heather Ross Charms arrived that I "swapped" in a round about way in the Stale Stash swap with Emily of Strawberry Patch.
....and it would have been silly not to go for value for money on the postage and so I ordered a scrap bundle too. Yummmmy

Heather Ross Charm SquaresHeather Ross Scrap Bundle

I am reminded of a sticker my friend Karen has on their old VW camper..... I would love to change it to "Sell my scraps.....".....but thankfully some people do sell them! Sticker from Oilcan Stickers

Other good VW panel van has just been reclassified as a "Camper" and so we can get insurance for unlimmited travel abroad.....yipeee...we are nearly off!

Next post will include awards/tags...etc not time to "Play" today, but will be allowed out soon! Though -see my new button...I suddenly had 60 page views...I was featured on SewHappyGeek.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Samelias Mum Name Game Swap

This is the quilt that I made for Sharon over at Lilabelle Lane in Australia.  Sharon loves Bliss fabric and showed hexies and trees in her mosaic.  I bought a scrap bag of Bliss fabric, but unfortunately it was mainly selvedge and only a few designs wide enough for the border.  I have bought 3 scrap bags and only one has been without the selvedge.  I know it is luck of the draw when buying on line, but I will be checking next time.  Has anyone else used Moda Scrap Bags?
IMG_4069 IMG_4074 IMGP0272
It took ages to blanket stitch all of the letters and each one can flip up and has a flower on the back.  The idea for this quilt was from Erin over at Why Not Sew? and she has some lovely things in her Etsy shop.  I took the bird pattern from Erin's Christmas mini tutorial on the Quilt Story Blog, so if you fancy starting early for Christmas...........

.......and this morning mine arrived......I had hoped this one was for me...and when the "Security Declaration" also says "Chocolate"......I was v. excited.  Thanks to Linda of Sew Nicely - it must have taken ages to piece all those little bits and the flag border complements it beautifully.
Name Game Swap

Look at me......2 posts in one morning.....but I had pre-written this one - thanks to Instagram for the "instant to Flickr" photos. The rest of the day will be spent reading my new magazine and eating caramels....yummmmmmmmmyyyyy!

Stale Stash Swap

Bird Song Fabric - GONE TO A NEW HOME

Typewriter Fabric - GONE TO A NEW HOME :o)

I have hand stamped these on to Kona Bone using Papermania Urban Stamps and Versacraft ink. It has then been ironed to set the ink and make it does not come out easy....I have a tea towel with bits of black ink all over it to testify to this!

Because the fabric has to be pre-washed before stamping they are about 1/4 inch shorter than a Fat Quarter by the time I had trimmed the thread scumble off.

I'd like to swap for a Fat Quarter equivalent of Heather Ross scraps.....I know I may be dreaming that anyone would be willing to pass on Heather Ross and so I am open to other offers too!

I was hoping to make some more of these but Kona Seafoam was not quite the colour I expected, I love the colour name...but severs me right for being too stingy to buy a colour card!
Charm About You

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Holiday Shopping List Cover

Finished at last....and it's for me.  I saw this tutorial from the Pretty In Patchwork: Holidays book and thought I would need one.  If I made it again I would put a square pocket on the front flap as the stuff tends to fall out of this triangle one.  The little embroidery is a free design from Lilipopo.
Holiday Shopping List Folio Holiday Shopping List Cover
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Friday, 2 March 2012

Mouthy Stitches Zippy Pouch

Union Flag PouchCool Camper

Scraps - anything you really don't like partner?
My zippy pouch has arrived and I love it....I'd seen a sneak peek of this one and I was hoping soooooo much that it was for me. Jan who blogs over at Isisjem, made a fantastic job of stalking me and seeing what I like. I loved a lot of the linen pouches in the swap that had splashes of patchwork colourful goodness...but I think that this is fantastic as it is personal to me. Thanks again Jan....and for the scraps too - typewriters and the tickets...yummmy.
The camper picture is very appropriate as we are about to set off around France in May for 3 months. I just took voluntary redundancy and Mr ID will finish work at the end of April and so we are going to make the most of life. Jan's pouch will be travelling with us with lots of hand stitching projects in it.
The pouch I made went to Ceri who blogs over at InspiredbyFelix and from the gushy email - I guess she likes it! Hope you have put lots of interesting stuff inside it Ceri......and don't squidge those French knots too much!
zippy pouch front - embroidered

Moda hometown patchwork pouch back

Back of pouch -scrummy Moda Hometown.
I had some Holly Hobbie fabric which I could have used for the pouch - people seemed to love her or hate her...but Julie from DistantPickles asked where she could get some....and so we did a bit of a swap. We swapped a Metre to make the postage to/from America worth while....but just look at this rainbow of scraps that tumbled through my to make some stuff.....
A Metre of rainbow Scraps

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fugly Fabric Winners

Here at last are the winners - I have had ongoing computer problems - but in the absence of dogs and children, Syko Tomte had the winners in his pocket.

Miss Beau Jangles was first out and will be the proud new owner of the flowery Fugly Fabric. Libby has e-mailed me to say that she has been making dresses for girls around the World and so needed to replenish her fabric stash.

Fortunately Libby didn't want Holly Hobby and so she has her passport ready to go to Diary of a Flutter.Kat. Kat has also emailed to say that her girls have a Holly Hobbie theme going on in their house at the moment - I used to have pink patchwork hexagon Holly Hobbie wall paper too - but a long time ago!
Charm About You
Lucy is having a Stale Stash Swap starting Tuesday 20th March where one fat 1/4 can be swapped for another.  I'm thinking that I might print up some birds and typewriters to swap as lots of people liked this fabric.

This is my Mouthy Pouch - inside out - so I will make one like this next!
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