Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Stale Stash Swap

Bird Song Fabric - GONE TO A NEW HOME

Typewriter Fabric - GONE TO A NEW HOME :o)

I have hand stamped these on to Kona Bone using Papermania Urban Stamps and Versacraft ink. It has then been ironed to set the ink and make it washable...it does not come out easy....I have a tea towel with bits of black ink all over it to testify to this!

Because the fabric has to be pre-washed before stamping they are about 1/4 inch shorter than a Fat Quarter by the time I had trimmed the thread scumble off.

I'd like to swap for a Fat Quarter equivalent of Heather Ross scraps.....I know I may be dreaming that anyone would be willing to pass on Heather Ross and so I am open to other offers too!

I was hoping to make some more of these but Kona Seafoam was not quite the colour I expected, I love the colour name...but severs me right for being too stingy to buy a colour card!
Charm About You


  1. Oh they're beautiful! I don't have any Heather Ross, sadly.

  2. Cool fabric but I have to make my HR quilt before I know if there is any left to trade. Sorry!

  3. Oh no!! I gave my HR to susan!! I'd have loved to swap for that...

  4. Oh so gorgeous!! I don't have any Heather Ross sadly :(

  5. So cool! I am not in this swap, but what a great idea you had. Hope you get what you are looking for!

  6. I'd love tht typewriter fabric! I'm working on my post now. I don't have any HR, but I've got some other bits and pieces :)

  7. It is so cool, I dont have any HR, but would you sell some?