Thursday, 28 February 2013

Book Challenge - Scandinavian Stitches & Doodle Stitching

I'm sneaking in before the deadline to link up with Ange's Monthly Book Challenge....and I have not one, but two books used in this quilt.  I started it back in October at the Worn and Washed Workshop and then did more on Halloween
Syko Frosty baby quilt
Today I completed the stitching on the deer...we also saw about 8 down on the coast path at Penlee Point.

Unpicking trees

.....but I also wasn't happy with the trees, so I ripped out one of the colours as it didn't look right with the rest of the I'm not sure if I'm now further behind than I was in October!
Heart of Charnwood


  1. Keep going, it's looking fab, love all of the little creatures! : )

  2. I'm loving the wee fox! I agree, keep going - I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished!

  3. I agree. Keep going as it is lovely. Just grit your teeth and get the trees as you would like them or you will never like the finished article. It is worth the set back now. Di x

  4. I agree with Di get everything looking how you like it or what would be the point in doing it.

  5. I loved this quilt when you first showed it and you are really adding to it. Keep going!