Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Check out my new footer

I'm just testing this tutorial "How To Add A RSS Feed Footer" from Blossom Heart Quilts...... You can see my new footer...only if you use Google Reader....If you don't use it...you should as it makes life easier!

....and just because I can't have a blog post with out any pictures....here is my progress so far on my Pretty Little Pouch Swap.
Working on my Flickr swap pouch. Think my partner likes rainbows. Side 2 of #prettylittlepouchswap


  1. Eeeeek! Love both stars. Epp and HR. You are good!

  2. The blocks are great. You obviously mastered the 'feed' as I linked - spent some time learning herringbone - and now I'm back to thank you. x

  3. Love the stars on LV, so pretty!