Friday, 25 January 2013


I was determined to finish this needle case as an extra for my FLiPS partner today....

But the thread I want to use will not go through the I guess I need one with a bigger eye. So it's still like this...though there is a secret under there. Love the glittery felt from PaperFishon Etsy...who has a closing down sale at the moment.

I can't finish the pouch for my Fab Little Pouch Swap partner as I need a zip....

But I did finish this EPP for a cushion, I love how well it has come together.

I sewed most of it on our ski trip and in the airport. Many people say you cant take scissors on the plane but one little gadget that I can take on the plane instead of scissors is this "Clover Cutter", very useful.

I'm hoping that I qualify for my first link up to TGIFF and that Nat will not be too disappointed with my non-finishes!
...and now I can't link one of those little blog buttons...might be 'cos I'm using Blogpress???  ok...back to the old way on the lap top! is the button...


  1. Some lovely projects on the go there!

  2. oh it's so frustrating when things get in the way of finishing stuff. It's all looking great, love the EPP especially!

  3. I am not disappointed at all! I love the top of the cushion, I have some of the fabrics you used in my stash and I don't dare cutting it I love it so much! Where did you get the Clover cutter, this is genius!

  4. Your EPP is amazing! Glad it's not only me who has to wait for things to arrive - hope they come soon :-)

  5. Oh I hate it when you want to finish a project and you're short of something. I LOVE your EPP. Great fabric and colour choices.

  6. Hi, I've nominated you for a Liebster award, it's a chance to blog hop with other small blogs, if you're interested check out the details on my blog today : )