Friday, 11 January 2013

Knitting and a giveaway

I am still making the socks on the right. After spending so much on the wool I am determined to finish them...... One day.
The socks on the left were bought at a local Embroiderers Guild show. The lady selling them was raising money for Shelter Box - they are very lovely and soft to wear and apparently the colour from Monet's Garden!
Annabelle Serendipity is having a giveaway for a lovely knitting and crochet book. If you don't knit or crochet yourself, you could try and learn or the book would make a lovely Mother's Day present for a knitting mum :o)
Pop over and have a look at the interesting stuff and places Annabelle has been to.


  1. I don't really get on with knitting but I wish I did when I see your socks, which are beautiful.

  2. Those socks are beautiful. I wish I could knit well enough to make some. Di x

  3. Lovely coloured socks! (both of them)and shelter box is a great charity. I haven't even cast on yet but hopefully will tomorrow.
    Kate x

  4. Knitting socks, amazing! I am always in awe of people starting and finishing!

  5. I just came here from Annabelle Serendipity and love your blog...I will be back.

  6. A little extra note to say it is snowing and I spent the day checking out blogs and stuff I've missed of late - went back to beginning of December here and loved so much. The fabrics are delicious and the pretty makes are so very original and special. You have a lovely eye for colour and detail. Thanks. x