Sunday, 3 March 2013

Old Swap - New Swap

Old swap first...
FLiRTS received - iPad pouch
This fabulous iPad mini pouch arrived from CoincidentallyQuilting over on Flickr from the Fab Little Random Treasure Swap.  What you can't see it the super soft lining....if it was a little bigger I would sleep in it.
FLiRTS received- extras!
....and then there was also the extras....a superb needle case filled with ready made hexies and fabric to die for!

New Swap

Handprinted: a fabric swap III

I saw a few of you signing up for this Handprinted fabric swap organized by Leslie Keating from Maze & Vale blog and eventually took the plunge. The following 2 fabrics I printed up last year ( and Emily bought first and only customer!), but this year I think I will try stencilling from this book by Ed Roth. I'm thinking I will do several designs for fussy cutting, rather than one design in an overall pattern.

Stencil 201 book
There is loads of inspiration on Flickr. Here are just a few of my favourites.

Printing fabric Ideas

1. Mustard cow parsley handprinted card, 2. Bicycle Fabric Patch, hand stenciled by Janet Bike Girl, 3. Gray folk deer by Craft Captive, 4. bunnies, 5. HPFS2, 6. printing up a custom order...very French!, 7. stormy weather in overcast on white cotton, 8. Dandelion Block Print

......and a few more
handprinted ideas

1. Untitled, 2. hand printed notebook, 3. green and gold proteas, 4. Untitled, 5. handprinted fabric, 6. dandeloin-lge-moss-flat

I love the Babushkas from Mikodesign who has a blog and an Etsy shop....yummy!


  1. The pouch is perfect for you. And the hand printing intrigues me and amazes me what people manage to come up with. Can't wait to see what happens in this swap.

  2. Loving the inspiration for the handprinted swap! I got my partners today so am feeling quite excited now that it is really happening!

  3. what a gorgeous pouch, such perfect stitching too! Can't wait to see what you do with the hand printed fabric swap x

  4. Beautiful pouch and extras. I am in awe of the fabric printing. Di x

  5. I might just have a go at the printed fabric ..... Watch this space

  6. Some great inspiration, I can't wait to get started on mine now! :)

  7. You are a clever bunny. This is all a bit daunting for me but can't wait to see what the finished articles are like. I also love your comment its so soft you could sleep in it. Made me chuckle

  8. Love the pouch! I have not tried hand printed fabric, but really want to. I love the pics you chose!