Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Super Scrappy Swap

I was happy to see that my partner in the Scrappy Swap also liked Heather Ross, Pearl Bracelet and put a picture of a Needle Case in her mosaic, so these are what I made for Angela D.

The Travel Sewing Kit is from a tutorial by Amy at Lots of Pink Here blog. It is a great tutorial and there is also a patchwork version.  The things I changed was to do a single fold binding and I added a little pocket for a needle threader.  I also made the quilted outer a little longer as the dense quilting made it shrink a bit, I trimmed it to size after quilting. I also couldn't bring myself to stitch through the dogs as they are so cute.
Scrappy Swap
There is also a large divided pocked on the right  - not in the photo.

Scrappy Swap
I then made a matching thread catcher from this tutorial from Needling Things (Thanks Jan for the idea!).  The covered buttons are great - one is just a normal button covered in a gathered circle of fabric.
Scrappy Swap

I'd had an idea for the Pearl Bracelet fabric, but I only had a couple of charm squares, just enough for a matching mug rug. I think I made it similar to the "Porthole" technique - by putting an extra plain charm square on top and then sewing the circle, trim to 1/4 inch and turned it through, I repeated this to get the 2 circles.
Scrappy Swap

Then I saw what Angela had made for her partner...a 241 Heather Ross bag, far more than was required by the swap and so generous of her.  I have never been in a swap where you make for each other, but like 39 others in the swap I hoped the bag would be landing on my door step - as Angela had made something so fantastic, I then made a Turtle pincushion to complete the set.  This wasn't an easy pattern to follow, but I will also now be making the larger Turtle sewing kit that goes with it as I loved it so much.  He has arrived safely in California and has a happy home with Angela :o)
Has anyone found me yet?

Turtle PinCushion Combo - Carrying Greeny on top
The picture above is from the Craft Passion Sewing Tutorial. The bottom shell of the big turtle holds needles etc....brilliant! I want one!

So what did my partner send to me...... I was the luckiest girl in the swap as Angela did turn out to be my partner...and had been stalking my Flickr photos. When I had to make the mosaic for the swap, my computer was broken and so I used the same one as my Modern She Made, with some added notes - never in this World did I think I would receive a 241 bag in the Scrappy Swap! Not only a 241 but so gorgeously made with loads of Heather Ross.  I love the artist and also the cat looking at the Timothy Fish in a Bag! We also had to include scraps (Wow more HR) and a local item, and as we love the sea and surfing Angela sent some stickers from her local surf shop - we might go there one day! I bet the water is warmer than in Cornwall.
Lucky Me!

Double sided and big camper van pockets!

The above 2 photos have been stolen from Angela :o)
So thanks again to Kat and Karen for organizing the swap and a massive thanks to Angela for being the perfect partner.


  1. I am still in awe of what you made and what you received!

  2. What lovely items you made your partner and oh wow that bag is amazing. Di x

  3. it definitely was the perfect swap. Thanks so much for everything. I'm so glad you like the bag. It is fun to use my HR stash for people I know will love it.

  4. The turtle is amazing!! Looks like it was a perfect swap in every way!

  5. Love the sewing kit, and how cute is that turtle :) What a fantastic bag to receive, a fab swap all round!

  6. Well done for making the turtle- I tried to print off the pdf pattern for it, and only got part of it- I have done something silly, I suppose. But they are cute!

  7. Lovely sewing accessories! I have just begun following your blog and hope you will do the same on mine. Will be back to browse through your other projects.
    My Favourite Things.