Saturday, 1 December 2012

M is for Make Scrap Roll

These scrap rolls are from M is for Make.  They tend to fall in your basket while looking around.  They cost £2.50 each, but these were 20% off and so I ordered 4. I bought them as I'm seriously lacking in fabric variety/scraps....I guess you have to make things to end up with scraps left over!

 A yard of scraps for £8 and this is what was in there in case you are thinking of ordering one...or two....or three!
Roll No 1.

Roll No 2.

Roll No 3.

Roll No 4.

I've put these together as a co-ordinated selection from the fabrics above. I 'm thinking I might make a cushion cover with them, but not sure what pattern to use so that I can make the most of these bits.

PS I copied tese photos from Picassa instead of uploading them to Flickr and then copying the HTML code like I usually do - they look a bit big? There has to be a faster way for me to blog a few pics :o(


  1. What a great selection of fabrics! And not sure if you have tried it but I use Picmonkey. You can make reduce the memory size of your photos greatly for easier uploading and do all the mosaics I do (and much more) really, really quickly. Save them back into your photo folder and then upload them from there. Works really quickly for me. I use it every day so it must be easy because I wouldn't use it if it was a pain!

  2. Good scrap rolls! Pleased you got 4 different ones too, last time I tried that I got lots of bits of the same prints :-( Mind you, I dont think that was from M is for make.

  3. Yummy scraps that are perfect for cushion making. Di x