Saturday, 7 September 2013

le Challenge

 When Nathalie and Lucy announced that the Le Challenge this month was Heroes, I immediately thought about Super Ted.  We still have a glow in the dark Super Ted and Spottyman on the wall in what was "The Girls" room. I'm not too sure what our visitors now think of them!
My partner, Sandy in Buenos Aires, for the Fab Little Pin Cushion swap received this super cute little bat from me.  Though he is only small, one day he will grow and be as awesome as his hero Batman! (...poor link I know, but it's the best I can do!)
Sometimes I can search for ages on the Interweb for a suitable pattern, but as soon as I saw this, I knew I had to buy it.  The pattern is by Maritza Soto @Soto Sew and available in her Etsy Shop. I reduced the pattern by 50%, if Sandy really wants to store pins and needles in him, then I hope she carefully puts them in his wings so as not to hurt him!
In return I received a fantastic Deep Dish Pincushion from Leslie, made in fabric by my hero...Heather Ross!
Goodies received from Leslie
There is still time to enter Le Challenge. Link up is on the 15th September.
Click the link in the sidebar to look at all the inspiration on the Le Challenge blog.


  1. Heh, fabulous, love the wee bat!

  2. The bat is so cute, it has such character. I love the Heather Ross goodies.

  3. I love the bat!! Great inspiration too, I saw a Super Ted show in Brighton when I was little :) The Heather Ross is gorgeous too!

  4. A much more sweet bat than the real thing. Di x

  5. Hi Helen!! Such a cute bat!! What a great swap!

  6. He's quite cute but you should have hang him upside down :-)

  7. I used to love Super Ted! Great little bat, he's really cute!
    And what a gorgeous haul you got in the swap!

  8. That bat with the sparkly wings is so cute!! I like the way he's going to grow up and be like his hero. I'm sure a few pins wont hurt him. The pincushion set you received is wonderful too!!