Sunday, 16 June 2013

Maritime Randomness

In Libby that's a van 5x2x2 meters it is surprising how much maritime themed stuff I could find. Quilt cover and the pillowcases I made, of course the pirate quilt and pirate fuzzy felts stuck on the interior fabric.

I had this cross stitch from the Exeter show for a couple of years....and it hadn't progressed much. I think I was put off by all the 1/4 I attempted to finish it... is as far as I have got..... not good enough for the task set for homework....
I made Tim this poppy treffry inspired book cover a few years ago...

The inside pocked was a picture on a card by Alyce Palace...

But in the end this photo from a beach in wasn't staged ....I found the light bulb exactly like this.....though I think you had to see it to appreciate it fully.


  1. Beautiful, that's lightbulb looks pretty cool :o)

  2. that is such a quirky photo with the light bulb, I thought it was a paperweight first

  3. Love the lightbulb and of course Libby's maritime themed interior!