Monday, 24 September 2012

Fresh Squeezed Fabric Win It

PLEASE help me win this by  RE_PINNING on Pinterest   

WOW 26 pins overnight....thank you... now fingers crossed that it will turn up.....though Pinterest has been ging mad with Fresh Squeezed Bundles - So I hope it was an effective advertisement for them.

 .....................and you can win too if you get enough pins by Thursday.  If you pin me and want pinning back then leave me a comment.

This is from the Fresh Squeezed fabrics website.

Let's try something new and fun!


How to play?
Well, head on over to my Etsy shop and check out the fat quarter bundles. Now pick your favorite. And then pin tha bundle to one of your Pinterest boards (please let me know if you need an invite forPinterest).
Simple, eh?
Now, in order to win that bundle, you need to have your pin repinned the same amount of times as the dollar amount of the bundle. For example, if the bundle costs $15.75, get it repinned 15 times and it's yours. Free!

SO IF YOU CAN GO ON PINTEREST AND RE_PIN my Oh Deer BUNDLE - I might get enough pinns to get it....I need 21 - as I mixed up the$ and the £.


  1. I'll pin for you! (Ouch!) Will you pin for me?
    ( Love the colours of your bundle!

  2. Repinned for you. Can you repin back:

  3. Nobody is repining mine - I have one pin - I think everyone else it too busy repinning other peoples they think mine is just a repin...I didn't need more fabric anyway lol