Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Indianna Explained & Liberty Blue

I have a new blog Liberty Blue, so why not come on over and see where I am off to next.  I was going to blog about our travels around Europe in our campervan here, but I have friends who do not sew......and I'm sure some of you follow because of the sewing and have no interest in French surf beaches!

A few of you have asked why I'm called Indianna...well it has been my nick name, given to me by my boyfriend and for the past 15 years and it has stuck, mmm the boyfriend and the name, that is. It was originally because I was always off on an adventure to somewhere or other.

kynance pebble tower
These are some of the books I have collected for some travels in the future, you never know I might turn up on your doorstep next!Travel Books


  1. Have fun. Will be with you even if not in body :o)

  2. Skip Unterfranken and come straight to Berlin ;-)
    I'll be over on you travel blog!

  3. How exciting! Will keep an eye on your travels :) x