Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Embroidered Penguin Book Cover

Having read a post over on Lily's Quilts Blog about her Penguin Book quilt I remembered this book cover that I made a friend last Christmas. Karen is a very talented interior designer, who has a pasion for Penguin Books, and her Blog is full of artistic and colour inspiration. I didn't have a pattern I just made it up as I went along and as I didn't know how to print on fabric, I embroidered all the words and the little penguin.

Sorry to publish this twice but the pictures never seem to load......anyone know a blog on how to blog?


  1. Thnaks for visiting my blog! This is a great personalised cover! I love Lynne's blog as well - full of brilliant ideas!

    There are a few blogs on how to blog. If you google the question you have and blog you should find what you are looking for..

  2. Love your blog Indi, I am now an avid follower. Apologise as I thought I was already following you and wondered why I hadn't had any updates, now I know why! Thanks for featuring the book you made me, one of the most fantastic presents I have ever received and am so proud to be the owner of. You have been busy lately and I especially love the scandi figure, so cute x